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The business world has changed.

No longer do the merits of traditional education arm you sufficiently for your business journey; the influence of digital, social and the impact of globalisation. Now more than ever, success is determined by your ability to develop the right networks, adapt to the force digital and use them both to your advantage. 

 This is a challenge for aspiring entrepreneurs, but it is also an opportunity.

The future of business school. Where you learn directly from, and network with top Australian entrepreneurs, who have already been on your journey, and succeeded.  

Flexible study, 12 months online, while you work.

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 What students are saying about BSchool.

Melissa Bowen , 25-40 VIC 

“…For so long, I struggled with turning my idea into a reality – just taking that first step and actually doing it! BSchool has equipped me with the resources and confidence to not only start my own business, but to take it the next level by learning from top entrepreneurs & simultaneously applying their lessons to my business…”

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