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/TGA Graduate bringing you the best of graduate recruitment

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From the TGA Graduate bringing you the best of graduate recruitment

At “TGA Graduate”, we said “No” to status quo and “yes” to the new generation. We have taken graduate recruitment into the next era, the Digital era!
In the past 30 years, technology has simplified our lives in many ways. Information is now fast and easy to access and process. Yet when it comes to recruitment, we are still stuck with long boring ass job descriptions, plain text resumes and cover letters. It shouldn’t be like this.
“TGA Graduate” is a digital ecosystem where companies showcase their brand and students, their (digital) profile.
We mix Videos, Info graphics, Analytics and the human touch to bring the best of graduate recruitment in the palm of your hand!
Students, experience convenience and simplicity. Download TGA Graduate on iTunes and Google play from 2 March.
Companies and fellow entrepreneurs, contact us at jumponboard (@) We’ve organised a special deal just for members of MSB.


TGA Graduate


We started this adventure to help students become more employable and give them the confidence boost they need during the recruitment season.

On that point, we are thrilled to collaborate with Silicon Beach and their executive team. We are fighting the same fight! Inspire, Support, and Educate the new generation as they embark into the next phase of their life, be it entrepreneurship or corporate life. 

We look forward an exciting and rewarding year of work with MSB!

If you have any other questions or want to get involved, shoot us an email at getinvolved(@)


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