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Wake up on Earth with mobile friendly landing pages

Why use mobile-friendly landing pages are so important for your website ok Google tell me about landing pages?.That believe it, or not is now a search term and why is it important?. It’s important to now understand this in order to create mobile-friendly landing pages.The race to dominate voice search on mobile completely changes the way think about the web raising an important question.How we create websites and the way we think about search in 2018 has changed.Google using voice on mobile is part of the revolution of search.Add to this also the addition of Alexa, Google Home and other voice-activated devices. As the database for search queries by voice is no exploding into a long tail keyword nightmare.

Mobile friendly landing pages for shopping

So here’s what we know so far

  • Many of us can spend up to three hours or more a day on our phones.
  • Larger screens with mobile optimized online shopping experiences.
  • Smartphone apps and easy check-outs.
  • Almost 50% of Americans use digital voice assistants, mainly but not exclusively on their smartphones.
  • Interestingly among the 18 to 49: 55% of Americans in this age group say they use voice assistants, compared with just 37% of those 50 and older.
  • One in every four dollars spend online in the united states.

Friendly landing pages on your website are now an essential part of how people will find your website using voice.

We here at Wake Up On Earth we do not profess to have all of the answers. However, when it comes to voice search we do know some of the right questions to ask.Join us over time we will begin to unpack some of the research we are undertaking here for fast, friendly landing pages build for voice optimisation.Connected searches using voice form an essential part of web search from 2018.We believe here at Wake Up On Earth voice friendly mobile landing pages will help to take your website to the next level and we invite you to join us on this journey.

Ok, google how do i build a website ?

Ok, google how do i build a website for mobile voice searches?

Five things you need to build a website and the last is not the least

Ok Google how do I build a website? There are only five things you need to understand to create a website so here goes

  • The first thing you need is a website address.
  • The second thing you need is some website hosting.
  • The third thing you need is a CRM.
  • The fourth thing you need is content.
  • The fifth thing you need is traffic.

The fifth step of this five-step process outlined above is the most important step.

And so getting traffic to your website is still the number one area with many people get this wrong. Whether they are building the website themselves or paying the hundreds and often thousands of dollars by businesses, NGOs, organizations, groups, shopping websites etcetera this is where many fall down.In this post, we are going to begin a journey to describe to you some of the key things that you need to know to get traffic.So essentially two main ways you can get traffic to your website, and one of them is Advertising by using Google AdWords, Facebook or some other means of advertising the second way to get traffic to your website is to use SEO.

Voice activated searches on mobile

Voice activated searches on mobile will sone surpass text searches

Search Engine Optimization according to wiki

Search Engine Optimisation, (SEO) is a way of improving your website to get free and/or paid relevant traffic to your website.

But for those tech heads among us according to wiki is

Local search engine optimization (Local SEO) is similar to (national) SEO in that it is also a process affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine‘s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural”, “organic“, or “earned” results.[1]

and one of two ways that you can improve the search engine optimisation of your website.                      


Pay somebody to do your SEO

The first 1 to pay somebody to do it, as in the case here at wake up on earth where we have our paying clients whom we produce is EO reports and recommendations on a regular basis.The second way is to do it yourself using a variety of search tools and your own time in order to prove improve the rank of your website on Google.The key element to search engine optimisation is to remove any technical issues with your website so that Google can read it apparently. This could include making sure that your links are all correctly listed with Google making sure that your content has great spelling great grandma and great readability.This also could include also having an understanding of how search is now changing.Many people are now searching for their mobiles by voice for your website to come up for a voice search.You now need to have some understanding of how SEO or search engine optimisation can help your website appear not only in search but also in voice search via mobile and now other devices such as Alexa and Google Chrome.

ok Google so how do I build a website

Will we come to a time where Google actually builds the website for you?.Surely the more we use voice-activated search, the more we will come to expect things to be done for us and will this magically be possible with advances in AI one day but not soon?
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