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Melbourne Silicon Beach meet up has teamed up with the Wake up on Earth travel network.

Melbourne Silicon Beach and the Wake up on Earth team bring together a series of webpages to extend the services, offers and bonuses to its growing list of members in the Melbourne Silicon Beach network.

2015 has seen a huge increase in the number of members to the group launching of the strength of last year as an increasing number of people from across the start-up space and small business groups gravitate to the informal meet up which has become a hub for a growing number of people across many networks including web designers, freelances, people involved in mobile tech, photographers, founders, and students as well as those older workers returning to work or people who have left the corporate sector to work in smaller companies.

Melbourne Silicon Beach is also starting the Silicon Beach School of start up which is designed to generate better start-ups and assist founders , start ups and members from in and around Melbourne.
The wake up on Earth network has sponsored the latest pages which include a contact form for volunteers where people can assist the group with everything from photography to social media support, fund raising and a variety of other areas where the group is experiencing growth.

The group is also been promoting the start-up muster which is the second annual start-up muster survey of the Australian start-up community which has recently extended its deadline in order to generate a larger number of submissions.
Melbourne Silicon Beach also supports an increasing number of events including pause Fest 2015 and is also supporting start-up grind by cross promoting a new range of events in 2015.
Other pages hosted by the Wake up on Earth network also include a regular blog space for Silicon Beach featuring guest writers plus a contact us form to extend the range partnerships and service member questions and queries.

The new Melbourne Silicon Beach calendar of events will be supporting its partnership network and opening up to all members to promote events the assist the development of the start-up ecosystem within and around Melbourne.

Silicon beach Melbourne is also forging strong relationships with a large group of networks in Sydney over the coming moths as it begins to extend its offerings across the country.

As 2015 progresses a range of new options for Silicon Beach members including tuition, bonuses and an expanding number of offerings from other networks will continue to deliver ongoing value to its growing membership base and will extend to members outside of Melbourne within other Silicon Beach networks across the country and throughout Australia including the latest Silicon Beach group in Logan and across the city network into Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and a variety of new satellites in country regions across Australia.

Melbourne Silicon Beach meets regularly once a month on the first Thursday of every month and more details of the event can be found on the Melbourne Silicon Beach calendar of events. 

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