Melbourne silicon beach pitch by Research Rockets

Research Rockets Pitch at Silicon Beach

I recently pitched Research Rocket to a vibrant crowd of about 300 entrepreneurs at silicon beach in Melbourne.

Research Rockets is an exciting new business currently in development. In this article I aim to explain what the start-up is, what I have gained from pitching at the event and then end with an overview of the immediate plans for the business.

Firstly I’d like to thank the organizers of Melbourne silicon beach for putting on such a solid meetup. Its always well attended and provides plenty of opportunity to be social with the kind of people that I like to meet – thanks guys.

So Why Pitch?

Development of the Research Rockets minimal viable product is underway and while we are not looking for investors we still decided to pitch.

So.. Why did I pitch?


To recruit people for the beta testing and to join the Research Rocket Research Club.


and most importantly…Clarity

I have pitched a few times before and each time I find that the process of putting together the pitch and the feedback I get afterwards to be insightful for the project. Like a business concept a well put together pitch often doesn’t survive unchanged once it meets real people. It is always surprising to me that after you believe you’ve nailed the pitch your probably still along way off. It can go through hundreds of small iterations until its fit for the pitch and then after feedback you will probably need to change it again.

As a singer songwriter I see the process of pitching is a bit like writing a song. The hardest thing is taking stuff out but to get real quality you have to remove a lot of it.

So how did it go?

stopwatch-2The time allocated for the pitch was 90 seconds. This was not as long as I had anticipated so 5 minutes prior I trimmed up the presentation. When I actually pitched it I completed it in 75 seconds.

What is the pitch?

Do you feel overwhelmed by information?

Research Rockets is designed to help you navigate the universe of conflicting information. Applying “Occums razor”, the “Pareto Law” and the “Trivium Method” it makes your task easier and presents your complex research in a way that is simple and shareable. Its like a cross between a mind map a review system and a bibliography.

The software is currently in development and we are not currently taking on new customers.

Today we are launching the Research Rocket Research Club. The club is intended for people who have an important decision to make but feel overwhelmed with information. We hope the club will provide us with valuable feedback on the method while we develop out the code and in return we hope that the members will gain skills to better manage information whilst gaining clarity on their own brain around their specific decision.

Please talk to me later if you would like to join up.

Before the Pitch

I had practiced the pitch enough but everything else was a little rushed. Kriang was working on the logo and the splash page until the day before so I got 100 business cards made 8 hours prior to the pitch. I also arranged for a friend to take a few photos.

Learnings for next time

  • Business cards ordered 4 days in advance are much cheaper and better than those ordered with 8 hours notice.
  • Photos would have been better if I had been in the middle of the stage in front of the image
  • The presentation would have been easier to get going if I had either had it online or plugged my laptop directly into the projector.

After the Pitch

I performed the pitch to time and delivered it well. Most people I spoke to afterwards were positive about the pitch although I think the “Applying Occums razor, The Pareto Law and the Trivium Method” was probably a bit too much for a pub at 8pm.

There was quite a bit of interest and I had I was pretty high after the pitch. I actually really enjoyed presenting the pitch although afterwards I probably drank a bit too much celebratory liquor and could have done a better job working the room afterwards.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 8.16.47 PM

OK I got the pitch but really, what are Research Rockets?

A Research Rocket is designed to help you make a decision. It is a view into your brain so others can see;

  • What information you used to make the decision
  • What information you found and dismissed
  • How you decided to trust some information and distrust others

It can help you to

Generate more productive more thoughtful discussion with others, facilitate joint research or just help you to get a clear view on your own thoughts.

There are many different types of application for the Research Rockets a few would be

  • Substantiating a position in a blog post
  • Personal research to make life decisions
  • Presentation of information to facilitate corporate decision making
  • Cutting edge group research on a specific issues

Research Rockets RESEARCH CLUB

The Research Rocket Research Club

As explained in the pitch the club is intended for people who have a real decision to make but feel overwhelmed by the information available.

To find out more read the pitch and then click here

Timeline & Team

Research Rockets is currently a team of two

KRIANGSAK KHANIJOMDI Trivium critical thinking


An experienced web designer and developer with a passion for clean, minimalistic and functional design. I am a gadget enthusiast and enjoy reading, watching movies and playing soccer. Profile

Paul Ayling Research Rocket


Passionate about critical thinking and its role in increasing personal independence. Experienced in areas of business intelligence and corporate sales. I enjoy reading, listening to podcasts, mountain biking, rock climbing and song writing. Personal Blog



Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 8.26.48 PMOur next major milestone is completion of the alpha software release, this is due for delivery in March, this will be followed by the beta release and wider testing in April. By April we hope to have a good number of individuals signed up to participate for the testing. (that is my job). While I am getting the club going Kriang is working on the development.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 8.16.47 PM

To get updates from us info about the research Rocket Club below

Join the Melbourne Silicon Beach Meetup

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