Melbourne Silicon Beach partnership with LawPath


The LawPath team are far from being cut from the same cloth as a traditional lawyer, we are all experienced, startup enthusiasts. Between us we’ve started, failed, grown and exited several businesses, so we understand the journey and how important it is to have easy access to all the information and tools you need to help your business grow.

Over the last 2 years LawPath has helped 6000 Australian businesses save in excess of $4 million in legal fees, the partnership between MSB and LawPath has been designed to give Founders and startups access to all the legal advice, tips, tools and products they need to make navigating the complexities of legal as easy and affordable as possible.

With the launch of our $19 beta offer we aim to help MSB members save thousands of dollars on their legal fees, money that can be better spent developing an MVP, increasing marketing budgets or hiring an employee to help grow the business.

We can help you with virtually anything you might need including; Company registration, trademarks, trusts, legal documents and a network of over 600 lawyers Australia wide, all powered by smart technology allowing you to spend more time and money growing your business.

Part of our ongoing partnership with MSB means you will have access to special offers, webinars and seminars and of course we will always be available for you to ask us any question at any time for Yammer, on email or even give us a call to have a chat any time. (02) 80114188


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